Under Graduate Programs in Mumbai

Under Graduate Courses in Mumbai from NIMR

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Under Graduate Programs in Mumbai

About Under Graduate Program Courses

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India is the first-ever institute, located in Mumbai, renowned for its advanced training and management programs to prepare the students the most deserving candidates in the professional sector. The institute has highly qualified and skilled faculty members who impart quality education and profound career insights to the student for a brighter future.

NIMR India provides the students with under graduate education on specific subjects, leading to postgraduate and advanced diploma courses. The industrial training institute ensures the worthy students with placements cells in top-rated companies based on their knowledge and depth.

In the present worldwide scenario, students all across the globe intend to complete higher education in their subjects of interest to attract lucrative job opportunities and enjoy a prosperous professional career. The core objective of the institution has always been to meet the students’ needs in the academic arenas and gear them up for the future.

The faculty members at the National Institute of Management and Research Studies mentor the students with expertise and help the young ones with the needed guidance and relevant suggestions. After completing school degrees, students can choose the undergraduate course in this institution based on their subjects of interest.

What are the Undergraduate Programs Offers by NIMR

Undergraduate Programs offered in The National Institute of Management and Research Studies are;

These U.G.C. – approved graduate degree programs teach the students to understand the subjects to the core and have a researched view on the specific subjects. NIMR is a leading institute to provide students with the best undergraduate program in Mumbai. The teachers at the institute tutor the students at every step of their academic courses and help them with every single issue. The degree courses at NIMR India benefit the students across state boundaries.

The undergraduate courses are apt for the students who have completed their school education in a similar stream and intend to pursue further studies in the same subject. The applicants of UG courses need to meet the eligibility criteria to take admission, and they will gradually attain expertise in the respective stream in the course of the program.

Why You Study Undergraduate Program in Mumbai at NIMR India?

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) is one of the top-notch institutions to study BSc (Bachelors in Food and Nutrition & Bachelors in Clinical Research) or BBA (Bachelors in Aviation Management & Logistics and Supply Chain Management). In the following section, you will know why studying your UG courses in Mumbai from our institute is the best.

  • The subjects allocated for the undergraduate program in NIMR are in high demand in the current market state. All of these industries need skilled and knowledgeable professionals to generate rapid commercial success. Future employees must possess a sharp eye on details and solid knowledge to overcome unwanted circumstances. NIMR India offers these undergraduate courses in Mumbai (NIMR) that helps the students to acquire expertise in the subjects.
  • The courses teach the students to lead a successful career and deal with their job roles with enough responsibility.
  • The undergraduate program at NIMR teaches the students to analyze and foresee problems and difficulties.
  • The UG Courses prepare the students to pursue their master's degree program in the same subject areas, even if not from the same university. Graduate serves as the foundation for these subjects if you intend to continue higher education in these streams.

Future Scopes of Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate courses in Food and Nutrition, Clinical Research, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Aviation Management prepare the students for some of the most in-demand job profiles worldwide. Students with undergraduate certification in these subjects must pursue their masters' degree in the equivalent to expand their subject-oriented knowledge.

The UG course curriculum, designed by the institution's authority, enhances the students' knowledge with practical approaches and helps them grow in their academic segment. At The National Institute of Management and Research Studies, we provide our students with the best study material.

Course Highlights of Undergraduate Programs

The courses provide the students with all necessary material and information. Students of NIMR hold a unique reputation while applying for their higher studies. The institute is one of the best learning options for undergraduate students.

What are the Eligibility Criteria of Pursue Undergraduate Course in Mumbai at NIMR?

If you’re want to reserve your seat at NIMR institute for any undergraduate program, the it has few criteria that you should follow. The applicants need to pass the 10+2 examination with a minimum of 50% of the score to take admission in the 3-years-long undergraduate courses in NIMR. Students, who aim to complete their undergraduate education in these courses, must grow a set of skills, like

  • Focused & dedicated
  • A Sense of Responsibility
  • Clear Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Motivational Skills

What is the Course Fee of Undergraduate Program at NIMR?

National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) offers various undergraduate program to its students depending upon the eligibility. Therefore, it charges different for fees for various UG courses (BBA or BSC courses). Here are the details course fees following below;

For Indian National Students: INR 60,000 per year + 18% GST Applicable and for 3 years 180,000 + 18% GST Applicable.

For Foreign National Students: USD 1800 per year + 18% GST Applicable and for 3 years USD 5,400 + + 18% GST Applicable.

Under Graduate Program Course Details

B.Sc. Clinical Research Syllabus Details
1st Year
Semester I Semester II
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Introduction to Clinical Research 1 Pharmacology-I
2 Guidelines, Regulations and Ethics in Clinical Research 2 Medical Therapeutics-I
3 Introduction To Health Care 3 Health, Hospital And Drug Administration
4 Perspective in Clinical Evaluation 4 Regulatory Affairs
5 Site Management Organization 5 Clinical Trial Management
2nd Year
Semester III Semester IV
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Pharmacology-II 1 Preclinical Studies
2 Medical Therapeutics-II 2 Clinical Trials Operations
3 Biochemistry 3 Pharmacology-III
4 Biostatistics 4 Medical Therapeutics-III
5 Bioethics And Bio Safety 5 Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology & Pathophysiology
3rd Year
Semester V Semester VI
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Pharmacovigilance 1 Medical Records Management
2 Medical Writing & Clinical Data Management 2 Epidemiology & EBM
3 Ethics In Clinical Research 3 Healthcare Management
4 Bio-Availability Bio-Equivalence Studies 4 Research Methodology
5 Statistical Computing and Graphics 5 Project Work

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National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) is the best institute in Mumbai for BBA/MBA in Aviation Management, BBA/MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Clinical Research, Healthcare Management, and Food and Nutrition course. We have the best teachers who have many years of teaching experience in their field. NIMR helps you get an education loan depending upon the policy and the requirements of the students and 100% Placement Assured in top-level industries once you complete the course at our campus.


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