School of Education

School of Education Courses

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) serves a crucial role in the students' lives by offering them class education in degree courses and multiple management programs. NIMR has experienced and expert faculty members who teach the students various subjects and disciplines associated with ample sectors of different industries.

One of the main objectives of the institute is to provide job-oriented courses (both full-time and part-time) and relevant career insights. The authority aims to promote different professional skills and study programs to meet the deficit in the professionals in their job fields. The training institute also ensures its students with rewarding job placements in renowned companies.

At NIMR, we are determined and committed to guiding our students and enabling them to overcome the challenges of the present market scenario. The School of Education training courses provided at the institute by the faculty members helps its students to stand alone with their skills and knowledge.

Why NIMR Degree?

At the National Institute of Management and Research Studies, we feel that an academic degree is not enough for students to grab their dream job roles. That is why the faculty members at NIMR in collaboration with their members and accredited institutions, train the candidates on each section of their chosen career and turn them into grown-up professionals from only a basic degree holder.

At NIMR, students can complete their B.ED (Bachelor in Education Course), M.ED (Master in Education Course), and D.ED (Advanced Diploma in Education Course) degrees in their subjects of interest. Here, we dream of a new professional era that will be devoid of present-day issues. Our students will explore new professional arenas with the basic idea of different industries and a depth of understanding of the specific job ground they choose and the impact of the industrial grounds on various aspects of our society.

NIMR promotes quality education with a strong focus on the School of Education and related degree courses. The National Institute of Management and Research Studies is the best School of Education College in Mumbai. The organization foresees to prepare a pool of new jobs ready in the future for the students who pass out from NIMR. The courses offered at this place are aligned to the international education levels, high academic standards, thorough research, and collaborations with top-rated companies all across the globe.

Our Mission

  • Strengthen the communication with national and international institutions associated with our employees and students
  • Quality education in B.ED, M.ED, and D.ED degrees

Our Vision

  • Supply of highly-qualified and skilled professionals
  • Explore new industrial sectors

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies with its team of expert teachers, rich experience, integrated courses, and placement cell leaves a strong impact on your career goals. NIMR assists its students in the following ways,

  • One-stop career solutions to the students with B.ED, M.ED, & D.ED courses
  • High standard curriculum
  • Senior and experienced trainers
  • Cost-effective courses
  • Focus on communication and presentation skills
  • Devoted placement pledges
  • Exposure to real-world experience
  • Mock interviews

Bachelor in Education Course, Master in Education Course, and Advanced Diploma in Education Course at NIMR India organization that are designed to meet the distinct requirement of professional excellence and qualification. All these courses aim to teach and improve the students' interpersonal skills, clear communication, motivational skills, deep focus and determination, presentation skills, teamwork abilities, leadership skills to stand out from the crowd in the school of education sector. Our primary intent is to merge the gap between demand in the professional ground and the knowledge and skills of the applicants.