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Diploma in Education Course in Mumbai

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Diploma in Education (D.Ed) Course in Mumbai

About Diploma of Education Course

Teaching is one of the most passionate jobs one can do in the world and The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India is the best institute for a Diploma of education in Mumbai. The course trains the candidates to improve their teaching abilities, the understanding of the importance of education, handling situations in the classroom, communication with children, and much more. A diploma in Education course provides all the necessary knowledge needed for quality teaching at elementary schools.

The course is suitable for all candidates interested in pursuing a career in the education field and aspire to the art of schooling. A diploma in education is a 2-year course that offers students the knowledge to become excellent teachers. The candidates need to have all eligibility criteria for the application for D.Ed. in Education courses. Some of the core subjects of the course are Indian Society, Education Psychology, Teaching Methods, and issues, etc.

Future Scope of a Diploma in Education Course

Diploma in Education courses provide by National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India, to the students with several traits that help them in their careers. The course is considered to be a foundation stone for the most promising professional career in terms of salary and job prospects. New and qualified teachers have better employment opportunities and have the chance to grow in their field or subject.

While schools are in dire need of highly qualified teachers, we at NIMR India offer the best D.Ed. course for the best candidates for teachers. Here are some of the aspects they develop in the course:

  • Technical and cognitive skills
  • Understanding of tutoring and training opportunities
  • Self-instruction for development of candidate skills
  • In-depth understanding of all the intellectual, social and psychological aspects of teaching and learning
  • The development of a professional foundation in theoretical and practical conducive to effective learning in a classroom.

Why Study Diploma in Education Course?

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies is one of the best institutes for a diploma in education in Mumbai. Here are some of the reasons why you should pursue a diploma in Education:

  • With a growing education sector, schools have a growing need for fresh teachers who have modernized thinking and teaching approach.
  • The process of education has a huge influence on the mindset of students. Due to this, it is important for the education sector to involve new teachers who have better abilities to understand the students and meet their needs for a better education process.
  • Candidates with diplomas in education in Mumbai proved to be an asset to the team in a school and to the education sector of the country.
  • The D.Ed. the course delivers the best candidates who prove excellence in analyzing the psychological concepts of growth and development in students and ensure that the requirements are met for the best learning in a classroom.

Diploma of Education Course - Job profiles

Elementary education is one of the most important aspects of the development of a better society. Candidates for D.Ed. in Education courses provide the best assistance to elementary schools and provide effective development of the students.

The graduates from NIMR India in D.Ed. in education are excellently skilled and qualified as well-versed elementary school teachers and can find several employment opportunities at any institutes for elementary education. Candidates with a D.Ed. in Education can apply in private schools, government schools, private tuition centers, daycare centers, and much more.

Such candidates can secure lucrative jobs in several sectors:

Teacher: Candidates can apply for a job as a teacher at elementary schools. The job role requires candidates to manage a classroom and adhere to a prescribed curriculum to help students in optimized learning.

Writer: Candidates can choose to be a writer for elementary schools which include teaching and tutoring articles for several organizations.

Teaching Assistance: It is one of the most responsible jobs. The assistance allows the school to enforce and maintain all the class rules and help teachers maintain the class environment. Moreover, teaching assistance needs to keep track of class attendance and calculations of mark sheet for the class and teachers.

Home Tutor: A home tutor needs candidates to have better interpersonal communication. Home tutors for elementary skills require excellent people skills and organizational skills to ensure maintaining a proper routine and assign lessons to students.

Education Coordinator: An education coordinator helps you focus on the quality control of education. They help in the development of an efficient study plan for the school and helps maintain core competency for student motivation.

Why You Choose "NIMR India" for Diploma (D.Ed.) in Education Course?

D.Ed Diploma of Education is one of the most interesting courses offered by the National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India. The curriculum offers the best learning opportunity for candidates interested in the education industry. With the high demands for innovation and modernization in the education sector, NIMR India is the best institute for a diploma in education in Mumbai. The course allows candidates to perform excellently in all elementary school and tutoring designations.

NIMR India believes in teaching and learning with a practical approach and provides all candidates with the opportunity. The students are asked to join workshops and seminars to enhance their knowledge and understand g of the subject. Moreover, NIMR provides the best set of curriculums for the proper understanding of the course and properly apply them in their field.

We offer several opportunities for students to have an in-hand experience of the course by creating curriculums and projects for elementary schools. We also provide our students with the opportunity for training and internships at educational institutes for a better practical approach.

Eligibility for Diploma in Education Course

Candidates applying for Diploma in Education courses at NIMR India, in Mumbai need to have a clear result for their 10+2 with a minimum aggregate of 55%.

Candidates aspiring for the course and career in school teaching need to have a set of skills to excel in the field. These skills are developed and improved in the process of learning in the diploma course. The skills are: Patience, Communication, Instructional skills, Flexibility, Enthusiasm, Creativity, People skills, Imaginative abilities

Eligibility for Diploma in Education Course

The Diploma of education course fees is around Rs. 40,000 per year amounting to Rs. 80,000 for the entire 2-year course.

Diploma in Education Course Details - Syllabus

The syllabus for D.Ed. in education courses emphasizes the different learning techniques and helps candidates develop all the skills required for technical and educator. The course curriculum of the course includes several theoretical and practical learning methods that enhance the learning experience. As part of the practical learning experience in NIMR India, candidates are encouraged to participate in all workshops and seminars. Moreover, they are also asked to prepare dissertations and journals on various aspects of the education sector.

The subjects covered in the course are educational psychology, secondary education issues and solutions, information and effective communication, and much more. These subjects cater to the development of skills and help candidates excel in the field of education.

D.Ed Course Details
1st Year 2nd Year
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Child Development & Self Esteem 1 Primary Education - Current Status, Issues and Solution
2 Educational Process & Society 2 Action Research and Innovation
3 Curriculum, learning – Pedagogy & Evaluation 3 Science and Technology
4 Proficiency in English 4 Environmental Study and Social Science
5 English: Learning & Teaching 5 Health Education
6 Mathematics - Learning & Pedagogy 6 Drawing Handicraft
7 Environmental Studies 7 Physical Education
8 School Environment & Physical Education 8

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