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Master in Education Course in Mumbai

About Master of Education Course

Teaching is often the passion of many students. However, a lot of students want to be a teacher themselves, factors like communications are important skills required for you to be a teacher or a professor. The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India is the best in Mumbai for a master of education and offers the best M.Ed. in Education degree course plan for candidates who are interested in teaching. Candidates need to have a proper degree in any curriculum and a Bachelor’s in education degree to pursue a master’s in education in Mumbai.

Master in education in a degree that deals with the study and development of new learning methods and researches for education. The program focuses on the different aspects of education including counseling, leadership, curriculum, and educational technologies.

The changing dynamics of the education industry require an innovative approach towards teaching and we at NIMR provide the perfect course plan for innovation and development. The master in education courses in Mumbai offers by the National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India, is completely focus on the comprehensive development of skills that can allow teachers to excel in the industry.

Master in Education (M.Ed.) 2-Years Course Overview

The M.Ed. in Education course in Mumbai offers by the National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India focuses mainly on the following aspects of the course:

  • The course provides the candidates the opportunity to improve their understanding of educational contexts in contemporary socio-economics.
  • The course provides the opportunity to learn and appreciate the role of context and socio-political realities in regards to learning and provide better pathways.
  • The course provides a scope of development for sensitive issues like language diversity and differences in teaching-learning methods in the class.
  • The course provides the scope to identify, challenge and overcome all issues regarding inequalities in school, classroom, curriculum, or social events.
  • The course provides a scope to enhance and strengthen the scope of the learning experience through efficient teaching tools and better methods.
  • The course provides a first-hand experience for all school activities through engaged learning and teacher0student programs in secondary school.
  • The course helps candidates to learn to establish clear teacher-student relationships for optimized learning in and outside the classroom.

Career Prospects of Master in Education Course

A degree in Master of Education comes with several career opportunities for students in the education industry as teachers and professors. The post-graduate degree of education can help you find promising jobs as education consultants, publishing houses, college professors, research and development institutes, and much more. Here is a list of job opportunities for the candidates of M.Ed. in Education degree:

Teacher: Candidates can become teachers and teach students in school. Besides being a teacher, candidates can also perform tasks like create a study plan, provide consultancy on student feedback, and research new learning methods for a better course curriculum.

Career counselor: Career counselor provides students with effective guidance in terms of career choices, career planning, class schedule, study habits, and much more. Moreover, a career counselor also provides overall emotional growth and development for the students.

Headmaster: A headmaster or principal of a school has several responsibilities like recruiting and managing staff, building relations with students, performing administrative responsibilities, and maintaining disciplinary codes.

Home tutor: A home tutor needs to have a personalized approach to teaching. They need to have the skills to properly schedule assignments, attend to parents, cater to specific student requirements, develop study plans, and chive improvements in all the subjects individually.

Online tutor: Online tutors teach students through online media through discussion forms, video chats, online assignments, and much more. Major responsibilities of online tutors include helping students improve their weaknesses, act as a point of contact for proper learning, regulate online behavior for students, and much more.

Why You Choose "NIMR India" for Master of Education Course?

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India is one of the best institutes in Mumbai for master in the education degree course and it provides a complete curriculum (course details) to their students. The education industry is growing fast and needs new and innovative minds to steer the way. Our course provides a perfect syllabus and learning experience that enables our students to perform excellently in all designations in the education sector.

NIMR India believes in a practical approach towards teaching and provides our students with several opportunities for internships, training, workshops, and seminars. We incorporate practical learning into theoretical to make the learning process interesting and allowing students to learn from experience ensuring better education and implementation. Candidates with M.Ed in education degree can secure lucrative jobs in different educational sectors including schools, training institutes, universities, etc.

M.Ed. in Education Course - Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Masters in Education Degree Courses are as follows:

  • Candidates need to clear B.Ed. or Bachelor in Education from any recognized university
  • Candidate needs to complete their B.Ed. with a minimum 50% aggregate
  • Candidates need to have weightage essentially with a postgraduate degree in any of their respected fields and teaching experience in the State Board of Secondary and Senior Secondary Education.

M.Ed. in Education degree course is essential for candidates who looking to pursue a career in teaching or academics. Here are some of the important skills necessary for the candidates applying for a Master in education course: Confidence, Team organization skills, Time management skills, Classroom management skills, Conflict-solving abilities, Patience, Adaptability, Ability to engage, Innovations in the classroom, Communication skills, Leadership skills, Observation skills, Interpersonal communication, Mentoring and counseling abilities, Discipline and motivation, and much more.

Master in Education – Course Fees

The Masters in education course fees are around Rs. 60,000 per year amounting to Rs. 120,000 for the entire 2-year course.

M.Ed. in Education Degree Course Details – Syllabus

The syllabus for M.Ed. in education degree emphasizes several pedagogies of learning and helps candidates develop technical and educator skills for the classroom. The course curriculum of masters of education includes theory and also practical work that enhances the learning experience. As part of the practical experience in learning, candidates are encouraged to prepare dissertations, journals, and other forms of documentation on academic writing and attend workshops and seminars for the same.

The subjects that are covered in the syllabus include Psychology, perspectives of education, human rights of education, comparative learning and education, sociology foundations, and much more.

M.Ed Course Details
1st Year 2nd Year
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Psychology of Learning and Development 1 Early Childhood and Care Education and Elementary Educatio
2 History and political Economy of Education 2 Higher Education
3 Educational studies 3 Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment
4 Introduction to research method 4 Educational Leadership
5 Secondary & Higher Secondary Education 5 Advanced Research Methodology & Inferential Statistics
6 Women Education 6 Perspective, Research and Issues in Teacher Education Educational Technology, Instructional design & e- Learning
7 Philosophy of Education 7 Educational Management
8 Sociology of Education 8 Comparative Education
9 Curriculum Studies 9 Education of Children with Special Needs
10 Pre- Service and In-service Teacher Education 10 Guidance and Counseling
11 Inclusive Education 11 Testing, Measurement and Evaluation in Education
12 Educational Technology, Instructional design & e-Learning 12 Advanced Educational Statistics

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