Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition Colleges in Mumbai

Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition Management in Mumbai

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Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition Course in Mumbai

About Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition Courses

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) is one of the best colleges to offer diploma food science and nutrition courses in Mumbai. It is a one-year course that focuses mainly on the detailed knowledge of the food preparation and selection of the right nutrition supplements for the diet. The course offer candidates the opportunity to learn about the importance of food and nutrition and use it to effectively treat illnesses and manage health through the right consumption of food.

The course also helps in the understanding of technological applications and incorporates several innovations into their career options. The NIMR provides regular and distance education modes for the course. The course deals with the overall understanding of fitness and management of health through controlled food and nutrition consumptions. The topics covered in the course are food science and technology, food selection, meal planning, etc.

Why You Study Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition Course?

While the course allows you with a deeper understanding of human physiology and provides you with the knowledge to heal the body with nutrition management, there are several other benefits to the diploma in Food and Nutrition Course. Some of the main reasons why you should study Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition are:

High Demand

Advanced Diploma in food and nutrition is one of the highest demanding and paying careers in the industry. The career stream allows the candidates to pursue their passion. The demand for all nutrition and food science courses has exponentially increased due to the improvement in the awareness of people and their rise of concerns about their health and food consumption habits.

Great Salary Packages

The average salary package for Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition for job profiles is on the high side for the private and government sectors. The organizations that hire nutritionists and food science specialists are generally related to fitness centers, hospitals, sports, or are looking to improve the health of communities.

Open Opportunities

With the increase in the awareness of proper health and diet, the opportunities as a nutritionist will increase day by day. Several companies offer opportunities to Advanced Diploma in food and nutrition colleges to find the candidates having the right qualifications and interest in the food science and nutrition sector.

Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition Course Structured

The syllabus for the advanced diploma in food and nutrition course focuses on all the important subjects related to human physiology, nutrition management, food preparation, and health benefits. These subjects help understand the utilization of nutrients, enhancing treatments through diet, proper nutrition management of preserved food, and much more.

The National Institute of Management and Research studies (NIMR) India provides a well-structured course syllabus that includes a list of practical and theoretical classes for the candidates. Our Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition course syllabus is structured to provide students with the best information bank and knowledge distribution to have a complete understanding of nutrition and food science. Additionally.

Our course allows candidates to secure lucrative jobs in the industry and help in the development of the industry through research or application of food and nutrition management for the benefit of people. The course syllabus is structured from several major topics like human Nutrition Management, Food Preparation, Food Preservation, Diet Management, Fundamentals of Nutrition, Community Heath Management, and Much more.

Career in Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition

The career for the diploma in food and nutrition courses includes opportunities in several private and government sectors. Additionally, the course also provides you with a fundamental understanding of food and nutrition. Advanced Diploma in food and nutrition colleges in Mumbai, such as Nimr India provides the best course that benefits the students in the understanding of all the advantages of healthy eating.

The different types of occupations that revolve around the course are:

  • Supervisor at Service Departments of Hospitals
  • Care Home Food Supervisor
  • Hotel and Catering services Nutrition Manager
  • Diet Technicians
  • Nutrition Managers
  • Sales Consultants, etc.
  • Top recruiters of the candidates for the food and nutrition courses are:
  • Hotels
  • Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Community Centers
  • Sports Organizations, etc.

Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition: Eligibility

One of the most important aspects of a course is its eligibility criteria. Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition eligibility includes the following:

  • All candidates must have a consistent 55% aggregate for a qualifying exam of 10+2 from any board recognized by the council of universities.
  • Compulsory subjects for the course are English, and Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology (P.C.B./P.C.M.B.).

Educational Outcome

Completing the course of Advanced Diploma food science and nutrition in Mumbai will allow the candidates to opt for a job or move on to higher education such as bachelors or masters in the field of food and nutrition.

Here are your higher studies options after you complete your diploma in food science and nutrition in Mumbai:


After you complete your diploma, you can choose to study bachelor in food and nutrition. The applicants have to qualify for any national level entrance examination to get into the advanced diploma food and nutrition colleges in Mumbai. As technology is always changing, opportunities in the field after a diploma in food science and nutrition in Mumbai.


Students who are interested in the depth of the field can take interest in doing research related to the various health concerns in different companies to develop better treatment techniques through nutrition management and diet.

Highlights of Diploma in Food and Nutrition Course

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) is one of the best Advanced Diploma in food and Nutrition colleges in Mumbai. Our course on food and nutrition offers a well-structured course curriculum designed to fit all requirements for the food science and technology industry.

Besides the course, NIMR also provides an extensive set of study materials that cover all Diploma Food and Nutrition subjects. These study materials are written and designed by renowned faculty members from clinical and academic backgrounds and are experts in their fields.

Besides the theoretical course applications, we believe in an in-hand approach and provide our students with an array of projects, internships, and research-based activities that help in developing innovation and easy incorporation of knowledge.

The NIMR campus has a state-of-the-art facility and laboratories for the food and nutrition department that allows students to implement and practice all their learnings.

Course Fees

The one-year course for Advanced Diploma in Food and Nutrition costs Rs. 40,000 + 18% GST.

Diploma in Food and Nutrition Course Details

  • General Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Food & Nutrition Management

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National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) is the best institute in Mumbai for BBA/MBA in Aviation Management, BBA/MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Clinical Research, Healthcare Management, and Food and Nutrition course. We have the best teachers who have many years of teaching experience in their field. NIMR helps you get an education loan depending upon the policy and the requirements of the students and 100% Placement Assured in top-level industries once you complete the course at our campus.


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