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Distance Learning Course in Mumbai

About Distance Learning Program Course

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) is one of the top-most industrial training institutes in Mumbai, India. The organization has always been ahead of its contemporary other institutions in its unique and practical approaches towards quality education and classes on various academic disciplines. The institute offers undergraduate, postgraduate, advanced diploma courses in different streams to prepare the students for a bright and steady professional career.

NIMR India introduces the students to the core of their subjects of interest with these programs and curriculums. The expert and experienced faculty members at the institute guide the students with relevant suggestions and profound lessons. The organization is popular among the students for another reason, as it not only provides a regular course program, but NIMR also provides distance learning courses in Mumbai to far-off candidates.

In today’s era, students across the globe wish to acquire a higher educational background from renowned institutes to ensure a prosperous career. Students everywhere cannot fulfill their dream as the organizations in cases do not offer remote learning courses. In such a scenario, the main objective of NIMR is to meet the students' demands and expectations in their academic lives. It is the best institute for distance learning in Mumbai to provide BBA, B.Sc., MBA, and M.Sc. courses to eligible students. The national institute rewards deserving students with excellent job opportunities in reputed companies across the globe.

Distance Learning Education from NIMR

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies offers distance learning courses in B.Sc., M.Sc., BBA, and MBA programs for the undergraduate, postgraduate, and advanced diploma students. Both full-time and part-time courses are available at this educational institute. The most in-demand courses include MSc/BSc in Clinical Research, BBA/MBA in Aviation Management, PG diploma in Aviation Management, MSc/ BSc in Food & Nutrition, BBA/MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics Management, PG diploma in logistics and supply chain management, and MBA/PG diploma in Healthcare and Hospital Management, etc.

NIMR India is well-known for its distance learning courses in Mumbai and enables the students to have a good grasp of their chosen subjects to seek a better career option. The institute stands gloriously as one of the leading training organizations in Mumbai to provide its students with the most effective distance education in various subjects and streams. The mentors at the national institute teach and counsel the students at each step of their courses.

NIMR does not stop here, but it also secures the future of worthy candidates with high placement cells in recognized farms.

Why Study Distance Learning Courses in Mumbai from NIMR?

National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) is the best institution among the distance education colleges in Mumbai to pursue a distance learning course in the subjects of your interests from the mentioned subject streams. Before you take a vital decision of your life, you should know the benefits of pursuing a distance learning course from the national institute.

  • As we all know, Mumbai is one mine of jobs and trades. And, all the industries demand highly-skilled and expert professionals for the rapid growth and development of the businesses. Future employees need to be sharp-eyed and aware of the constantly changing scenarios to overcome the sudden, unwanted challenges. Distance learning courses at NIMR prepare the students with various advanced skills like communication skills, presentation skills to make them stand apart in the job sectors.
  • Features like a flexible class schedule, a study from anywhere, no transportation, a competitive environment, and cost-effectiveness make distance education more likable and impactful.
  • The national institute at Mumbai offers the students various learning tools and study materials at a minimal cost, which appeals to the students belonging to the lower and lower-middle-class students the most.
  • The latest inclusion of video conferences in distance learning courses through various applications has made distance learning better and smoother.
  • The distance learning courses at NIMR impart the best quality education about the subject matter and gear up the students to serve their best in career grounds. Moreover, the institute itself takes care of the job opportunities to help the students.
  • Students from various corners of India and foreign countries can experience the distance education provided by the skilled faculty members of the national institute.

Future Scopes of Distance Learning Courses

In the present time, online education has become a need of the hour. And, distance learning has a very close association with the online curriculum. As convention goes, distance education is not always up to the mark as the regular courses.

On the contrary, The National Institute of Management and Research Studies in Mumbai has set an example of quality education even through distance learning courses. Students with distance learning certificates from this institute carry a unique reputation as job applicants. The NIMR students can apply for their dream job roles in the respective sectors without any hesitation.

The distance course curriculum at this institute prepares the students in various aspects associated with their future job roles. The video conferences help the students directly connect with their teachers and batch mates and study together in a healthy competitive ambiance.

Students become comfortable with video calls and conferences till the point they are ready for their jobs. It is, indeed, an extra advantage that students can avail themselves of from distance education. Therefore, the students here excellent study materials. These are why students with distance learning certificates from this institute are not likely to face any odd experiences in their job sectors.

Distance Learning Course Fees

NIMR India offers various courses as a full-time, part-time through distance learning education to both Indian students and foreign students. Also, it has different cost of distance learning courses depending upon the courses you choose and for students who are in India and foreign. Here’re the fees details for both students as follows;

For Postgraduate Programs:

For Indian National Students: INR 75,000 per year + 18% GST Applicable.

For Foreign National Students: USD 2300 per year + 18% GST Applicable.

For Undergraduate Programs:

For Indian National Students: INR 60,000 per year + 18% GST Applicable.

For Foreign National Students: USD 1800 per year + 18% GST Applicable.

Distance Learning Course Details

MBA in Aviation Management Syllabus Details
1st Year
Semester I Semester II
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Business Economics 1 Marketing Management
2 Financial Accounting 2 Financial Management
3 Introduction to Management and Leadership 3 Statistics & Quantitative Techniques
4 Business Communication 4 Service Management
5 Human Resources Management 5 Air Cargo Management
6 Fundamentals of Airlines Operations 6 Airline and Airport Management
2nd Year
Semester III Semester IV
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Business Policies and Strategic Management 1 Airport Planning & Management
2 International Business Management 2 Aviation Navigational Services
3 Management Information systems 3 Aviation Safety & security management
4 Research Methodology 4 Airport Terminal Operations
5 Aviation Regulatory Management 5 Contemporary Issues in Aviation Industry
6 Aviation Economics and Sustainability 6 Dissertation

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National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) is the best institute in Mumbai for BBA/MBA in Aviation Management, BBA/MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Clinical Research, Healthcare Management, and Food and Nutrition course. We have the best teachers who have many years of teaching experience in their field. NIMR helps you get an education loan depending upon the policy and the requirements of the students and 100% Placement Assured in top-level industries once you complete the course at our campus.


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