MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management in Mumbai

MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management Course in Mumbai, India

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MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management in Mumbai

About MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management Course

MBA in healthcare and hospital management in Mumbai is a 2-year post-graduate course offered by the National Institute for Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India. The course aims to provide students with an understanding of the several issues that are faced by the healthcare system and helps develop the necessary skills required for the perfect functioning of the healthcare industry.

MBA in healthcare management course revolves around some staple subjects like Health Service management, Organization behavior Study, Materials and Equipment Management, Health Economics, and Strategic Human resources management.

Candidates who are interested in MBA in healthcare and hospital management course in Mumbai or any other location need to have a bachelor’s degree in any related discipline from any recognized university in India. Moreover, the candidate needs to graduate from the course with an aggregate of 50% or more. Other important things required for the course are communication skills and an impressive personality.

Admission to any MBA in hospital management colleges in Mumbai or other location for the course requires students to qualify for the entrance examination of the college or have sufficient score in examinations like CAT, CMAT, MAT, etc. besides that, some colleges offer admission to students depending on their exceptional performance in their Bachelor’s degree examination.

Candidates with the qualification of MBA in hospital and healthcare management will be able to find the most lucrative jobs in the healthcare sector like healthcare managers, hospital administrator, chief of operations officer, healthcare advisor, compliance officer, etc. MBA in healthcare and hospital management offers several diverse career opportunities for candidates in the healthcare sector. Besides looking for a job, candidates can also choose to pursue higher education in any related field. There are several opportunities for higher degrees like Ph.D. Health Science, Ph.D. Hospital Administration, and many more.

Scope of MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management Course

A candidate with a degree in MBA in healthcare management and hospital administration can work in all major healthcare sectors like Hospitals, Clinics, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Consulting firms, IT, Laboratories, Biotechnology Health Service, Government Health Agencies, Health Maintenance Organizations, Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Insurance Organizations, etc.

Some of the major job rules for a postgraduate in Hospital management are Hospital Administrator, Healthcare Manager, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Compliance Officer, etc.

Candidates can also apply for Government jobs in the healthcare sector or choose to be a professor in the field. The salary packages for all the lucrative jobs for an MBA in Hospital Administration range from INR 7-9 LPA.

If the candidate is looking for higher studies, candidates can choose to pursue Ph.D. or MPhil in the related discipline. Candidates can participate in fellow Program in Management which is conducted by the IIMs in completing the course.

More About MBA in Hospital and Healthcare Management Course?

MBA in hospital and healthcare management course in Mumbai at the National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India covers all major topics in the field of management related to the Healthcare industry. Here are some of the major details of the course:

  • The course is a specialization in the healthcare industry and helps students in understanding the tactics and much more.
  • The course also focuses on the legal regulations that need to be followed for the different issues that affect the healthcare organizations.
  • The course focuses especially on providing the scope to develop exceptional skills in Disaster management, Organization & Administration of Clinical and Specialty Services., Quality assurance at hospitals, consumer behavior, and extensive research methodologies.
  • MBA in healthcare and hospital management course details include classroom learning and several practical exercises such as workshops, case studies, seminars, and internship opportunities in several reputed hospitals and healthcare institutions.

Why Study MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management Course?

There are several benefits to choosing MBA in healthcare management course in Mumbai from NIMR. The main advantages of the course are:

  • The course helps the candidates develop all the necessary skills critical for analysis and interpretation of data, problem-solving, rational decision making, computation, communication, and leadership skills.
  • The MBA in healthcare management syllabus is structured in a way to enable graduates to transform their approach as a professional and carry out all the duties in health authority organizations, primary care trusts, and hospital administrations.
  • The course provides a broad objective to promote world peace and improving global health. Hospitals and healthcare management supervisors look into all the necessary measures to ensure that the procedures and operations of the organization are carried out in the best way possible to ensure the best care and treatment for the patients at the facility.
  • Besides the understanding of multi-dimensional healthcare organizations, MBA in healthcare management and hospital administration also helps bridge the gap between business and healthcare management. Graduates are allowed to acquire deep insights into the course and face various challenges in marketing and organization facets of the industry.
  • The practical aspects of the course include the use of the latest technologies in medical science. These technologies include research-based innovations in the assortment of resources and the application of managerial techniques to provide the best solutions with a detailed report on all political, cultural, and ethical concerns.
  • Healthcare facilities have a busy network which requires healthcare administrators to have a hectic schedule. The course provides the candidates with the opportunity to develop the skills for good leadership, control, and supervision to ensure that all administrative tasks run smoothly.
  • The course helps you make the right way to building careers in healthcare finances, administration, policy management, information control, and marketing.

Healthcare and Hospital Management Course Eligibility

MBA in healthcare management eligibility differs from institute to institute. Here are the basic eligibility criteria for MBA in hospital management course:

  • Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree some colleges offer relevant to healthcare management from any recognized university.
  • The students must have a minimum aggregate of 50% throughout their academic careers. (45% for SC/ST candidates).
  • The candidates need to have valid scores from any of the management entrance examinations from the following: CAT, CMAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT.

MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Administration Course Fees

The fee for the MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Administration in Mumbai is around INR 2,50,000/- per year amounting to INR 5,00,000/- for the entire 2-years course.

MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management Couse Details

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India provides the best course structure for an MBA in Hospital management. The MBA in Healthcare and Hospital Management Syllabus consists of several subjects that are beneficial to the candidates who want to pursue education while currently in a different field. The syllabus consists of all important subjects that help develop the skills required for a professional.

MBA in Healthcare & Hospital Management Syllabus Details
1st Year
Semester I Semester II
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Business Economics 1 Marketing Management
2 Financial Accounting 2 Financial Management
3 Introduction to Management and Leadership 3 Statistics & Quantitative Techniques
4 Business Communication 4 Service Management
5 Human Resources Management 5 Epidemiology & Analysis of Health Information Data
6 Basic Concepts Of Health, Hospital & Drug Management 6 Medical Terminology & Medical Transcription
2nd Year
Semester III Semester IV
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Business Policies and Strategic Management 1 Biomedical Waste Management
2 International Business Management 2 Patient Care Service
3 Management Information systems 3 Hospital Operations Management
4 Research Methodology 4 Quality in Healthcare
5 Hospital Management & Law 5 Dissertation

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