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MSc in Food and Nutrition Course Mumbai

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MSc in Food and Nutrition Course in Mumbai

About MSc in Food and Nutrition Courses

The National Institute of Management and Research studies offer the best MSc in Food and Nutrition course in Mumbai. The course provides a specialization in the field of food production and food development. It is a two-year course that focuses on the specialization of Public Health Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, or Food Science and Nutrition.

The 2-year MSc in Food and nutrition course in Mumbai, Nimr India provides students with an in-depth knowledge of food science and helps them understand the fundamentals of food safety and nutrition utilization. The MSc in Food and nutrition subject mainly focuses on inspiring the minds of students with the required knowledge on food composition, the quality of food preparation, the safety of food, the ability to metabolize faster treatments with the use of nutrients, a vivid understanding of the influence of exercise on food habits, etc.

Food and nutrition colleges offer candidates the opportunity to grab the knowledge and interest in food science and nutrition.

The MSc in Food and nutrition colleges in Mumbai, such as Nimr India offers a career that promotes people’s health by maintaining a healthy eating habit and managing the lifestyle accordingly while focusing on various topics related to chemistry, biology, and nutritional chemical engineering. In other words, the MSc in Food and Nutrition course provides students with exceptional knowledge of how food tastes, the benefits of healthy food, the standards of food production, maintaining food quality and nutrition, etc.

Scope of M.Sc in Food and Nutrition

Students with a detailed understanding of human physiology and how nutrients interact with the body can help to provide beneficial results for treatment and maintain good health. MSc in food and nutrition colleges in Mumbai offer courses that provide students with the opportunity to become exceptional professionals in the Nutrition and Food Science industry.

Why Study MSc Food and Nutrition?

Food Science & Nutrition is a developing field and the demand for professionals is increasing day by day with candidates getting hired again and again either in the private sector or the government sector. M.Sc in Food and Nutrition students get a chance to work with companies like Minute Maid, Britannia, Cadbury, Nestle, and other top food companies. The bigger the company the bigger will be the position of food technologist, Food Production, Quality Control Manager, Dietician, and Nutrition Manager. The average salary goes upto INR 5-8 lacs per annum.

Completing MSc in Food Science and nutrition in Mumbai will allow students to choose several career prospects that surround the nutrition and food science industry; Post-graduates qualifying for the course are expected to secure lucrative jobs from the following choices:

  • Menu Planner - Food preparation expert
  • Diet and Nutrition Management
  • Clinical and Therapeutic Dietician
  • Researcher for universities specializing in nutrition management.
  • Public health and community diet management.
  • Quality manager.
  • Preserving supervisor.
  • Food journalism.

M.Sc. In Food and Nutrition Eligibility

MSc in food and nutrition eligibility criteria is a primary requirement for admission to any college or university. The eligibility criteria are:

  • The candidate must have appropriate qualifications from Food Science, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Home science, Clinical Biochemistry, Dietetics, etc.
  • The candidate must have a consistent score of a minimum 50% aggregate through their undergraduate education.
  • The candidates must have a degree from a recognized college or university.

Educational Outcomes

Students who have completed the post-graduate degree are expected to find several Nutrition and Food management jobs according to their set of skills. The students can apply for jobs as a nutritionist or dietician in several public or private actors, organizations, institutes, research organizations, etc.

After completion of the PG course, students can work as clinical dieticians, management dieticians, diet consultants, food quality supervisors, etc., in all sectors of the industry. Moreover, students who are looking for more learning opportunities can look for internships or apply for a Ph.D. in Food and Nutrition.

Here are a few things that students will learn after the completion of the 2-Year PG course: Students will have a proper understanding of food taste, health benefits, processes of common food preparation, and understand the several ways to ensure the best food quality. The course will provide students with the right knowledge of food science and give them an understanding of food safety, food science, and nutritional engagement in case of illness or treatments.

M.Sc In Food and Nutrition – a Full-Time 2-year Post-Graduate Course

Food science and nutrition are concerned with the technical aspects of food, harvesting, slaughtering, cooking, and consuming. The idea of the subject commonly refers to the "from the field to the fork." the course is considered to be a part of life sciences, falling into the genre of nutrition management.

The main objective of an M.Sc in Food Science and Nutrition in Mumbai is to impart knowledge and understanding to help students develop skills. The course provides expertise in the areas of Human Nutrition, Food Science, Food Safety & Quality, Food Product Development, and Food Nutrition Management. The course also provides extensive professionalism in work areas to have a smooth and influential academic and research study to provide efficient community service. The course also supports the ability to pursue higher education and research in Food Science and Nutrition.

If you are looking for the best colleges for M.Sc. in Food and nutrition, search for "MSC food science and nutrition colleges near me", and you will find The National Institute of Management and Research Studies in the top searches.

Course Highlights

  • We observe and organize Nutrition week, women’s day and World Food day.
  • We provide extensive internships for our students at reputed companies for better application and practice of all knowledge gained during the course.
  • The course opens your gates to several Master’s Degree courses that revolve around Advanced Dietician Practices, Advanced Food Safety, Food Policy, food security, and development, etc.

Course Highlights - BSc in Food and Nutrition

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies is the best M.Sc in Food and Nutrition Colleges in Mumbai. We offer a well-structured curriculum designed for the proper delivery of knowledge and professionalism in the field of food science and nutrition.

Besides the course, we offer extensive study materials, research opportunities, and lab time for students to learn and implement all their knowledge effectively. Additionally, we also provide the scopes for internships, projects, and research-based learning for students to enjoy their courses. The college also provides a state-of-the-art facility and laboratories for the students to implement and practice their nutritional courses with a practical approach.

Course Fee:

MSc in Food and Nutrition fees around Rs. 2,50,000 / per year amounting to Rs. 5,00,000 for the entire 2-year course.

M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition Course Details

MSc in food and nutrition syllabus includes a range of subjects similar to the B.SC course. The course focuses on several topics include studying Human Anatomy, principles of food, nutritional biochemistry, etc. The first year of the course focuses on several MSc food science and nutrition subjects including advanced nutrition, dietary management, and biostatistics. The second year of the course revolves around practical applications.

Some of the MSc food science and nutrition subjects for the second year are Food safety, processing, and quality, food preservation, and packing, food economics, etc. these subjects are followed by a dissertation and a viva for better assessment of the knowledge gained from the course.

MSc in Food and Nutrition Syllabus Details
1st Year
Semester I Semester II
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Principles of Human Nutrition 1 Biostatistics
2 Nutritional Biochemistry 2 Nutritional Epidemiology
3 Physiology - I 3 Laboratory Techniques - 1
4 Food Microbiology 4 Integrated Disaster Management
5 Food Quality and Safety 5 Public Health Nutrition
6 Nutrition through Life Cycle and Meal Management 6 Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
2nd Year
Semester III Semester IV
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Maternal and Child Nutrition 1 Public Health Nutrition - Dissertation
2 Global Nutrition 2 Nutrigenomics - Dissertation
3 Nutrition Policy and Advocacy 3 Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics - Dissertation
4 Nutrition during Emergencies and Challenging Conditions 4

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