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Bachelor in Education Course in Mumbai

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Bachelor in Education Course in Mumbai

About Bachelor of Education Course

Teaching has always been one of the noblest professions of all time. However, becoming a teacher in a school or a professor in college needs you to have the right skills. B.Ed. in Education in Mumbai offers by the National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India, is a bachelor’s degree taken by candidates who are interested in teaching.

Although it is called a Bachelor, it is not an undergraduate degree and can only be pursued once you have completed your graduation. If you are planning to teach for secondary or higher secondary schools, you should have a postgraduate degree before you get your Bachelor in Education course.

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies is one of the best colleges in Mumbai for bachelor in education courses. The Bachelor of education also known as B.Ed. is a 2-year bachelor’s degree that is taken by education professionals. With an annual growth of 7.5%, the Indian education sector is expected to bring in several career opportunities every year.

Moreover, the changing dynamics of the education sectors and student curriculum requires skills and knowledge. The Bachelor in Education Degree Courses strictly focus on the development of these skills and provide the knowledge to excel in the industry.

B.Ed. in Education Degree - 2-Years Course Overview

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies is one of the best colleges for bachelor in education in Mumbai. Our B.Ed. in Education courses mainly focus on the following:

  • We provide the opportunity to develop an understanding of the context of education in contemporary society.
  • Learn to appreciate the role of context and socio-political realities about learning and provide better settings.
  • Create a sensitivity about language diversity in the classroom and provide a teaching-learning process.
  • Identify, challenge, and overcome all inequalities in schools, classrooms, curriculums, and social events.
  • Provide a first-hand experience of all the school activities through engaging students and teachers in secondary school.
  • Enhance and strengthen the experience of learning through efficient teaching tools and methods. Providing the instinct to develop fruitful assessments for children and strategize them for better learning.
  • Establishing a clear student-teacher relationship for organized learning in and out of the classroom environment.

Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) Course - Career Prospects

On completing the degree of Bachelor in Education, the candidates can become teachers in primary, secondary, and senior schools. Candidates can also prepare themselves for national level examinations or Teacher Eligibility Tests (TET) like CTET, UPTET, APTET, etc.

Students can also prepare for other national level examinations like UGC NET and CSIR NET to be hired as Assistant Professors or Professors in college or Universities.

If you want to pursue a job after completing your B.Ed. in Education degrees from any popular college like NIRM India, in Mumbai, or other institutes from a different location in India, you can choose to be a content writer, educational researcher, education consultant, and much more.

Course Highlights - Bachelor of Education

The education industry is a fast-growing industry with several reforms and development. Pursuing teaching as a career is one of the noblest professions one can choose. The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India provides the best training and teaching for candidates to learn and take responsibilities as teachers.

The NIMR India believes that a practical approach is one of the best ways of learning. We incorporate the idea of practical applications into the Bachelor in education courses and provide our students with opportunities for internships and extensive training programs. These opportunities provide them with experience in the education sector that helps them become better teachers.

Why Study Bachelor in Education Course?

The B.Ed. the course makes the candidates very skilled in all the principles regarding teaching and learning. From soft behavioral skills to communication skills, the course allows the candidates to develop the skills by guiding them properly. Here are some important things about B.Ed in Education degree:

  • Bachelor in education is one of the easiest ways to secure a government job that offers a good salary. A primary school teacher in a government school earns around INR 760,000 per annum. Other perks like medical insurance are part of the package.
  • The teaching profession also delivers job security and the course allows candidates with that opportunity. Even amidst the COVID outbreak, teachers have maintained their jobs and have been reported to have the second-largest hiring rate after healthcare.
  • Candidates with a B.Ed in Education degree in Mumbai can open their tuition institutes. The opportunities for entrepreneurship for a Bachelor’s in Education are often limitless.

Bachelor in Education Course Eligibility Qualifications

The eligibility criteria for Bachelor in Education courses in Mumbai at NIMR are as follows:

  • Candidates need to have a graduation degree in any stream to fulfill the criteria.
  • The candidate needs to have a minimum aggregate of 50% in their graduate degree.
  • There is no age limit for Bachelor in Education, but colleges require students to be a minimum age of 19 for the degree.

Additionally, the candidates applying for a bachelor’s in education degree need to have other important skills to be hired as a teacher. Although the course enhances their skills or helps them develop the skills needed, here are some of the basic skills required for a student to be eligible for B.Ed. in Education degree: Good communication skills, Organization skills, Enthusiasm, Empathy, Patience, Quick learner, Critical thinking, Confidence

Bachelor in Education – Course Fees

The fees for Bachelor in Education courses in Mumbai are around Rs. 50,000 per year amounting to Rs. 100,000 for the entire 2-year course.

Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) Syllabus (Course Details)

The curriculum for B.Ed in education degree courses is designed in a way that it makes the candidates acquainted with all the aspects that they might face in the teaching profession. The teachers deal with a lot of multilingual characters with several socio-cultural, economic, and linguistic backgrounds. The students also have varied cognitive abilities which make it harder for teachers to take care of all students at times.

The Bachelor in Education course in Mumbai from the NIMR India, which provides the candidates with an understanding of the process of learning and how it occurs, creates, and conducive environments. The course syllabus also teaches the candidates how to use these opportunities to observe the students as they learn, question, experiment, and reflect on the subjects.

B.Ed Course Details
1st Year 2nd Year
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Childhood and Growing up 1 Quality and Management of School Education
2 Contemporary Indian Education Gender & Society 2 Knowledge and Curriculum Language Across Curriculum
3 Learning and Teaching 3 School and Inclusive School
4 Assessment and Evaluation For Learning 4 Education for Human Rights and peace Education
5 Advanced Pedagogy And Application of ICT 5 Education for sustainable Development and Environment
6 English 6 1)History 2) Geography 3) General Science 4)Mathematics (Choose any one)
6 1)History 2) Geography 3) General Science 4)Mathematics (Choose any one) 6

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