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Advanced Diploma Courses in Mumbai from NIMR

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Advanced Diploma Courses in Mumbai

About Advanced Diploma Course

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies remains ahead of its contemporary institutions with its distinct approach towards studies and best quality education. The industrial training institute presents its management and training courses to prepare the students for a bright professional career.

The institute introduces the students to the core of their subjects of interest with its diploma courses and curriculums. The expert faculty members of the institute mentor the students with effective teaching methods and the proper guidance. NIMR offers the students undergraduate, postgraduate, and advanced diploma courses in the respective subject areas.

Today, most students aspire to follow higher education in their subject stream to ensure prosperous job roles and enjoy a flourishing career. The main objective of NIMR has been to meet the students' expectations in their academic fields. The advanced diploma program in Mumbai offers by NIMR, is the highest academic course provided in the organization. The national institute rewards deserving students with the best job opportunities in renowned companies all across the globe.

The Advanced Diploma Programs

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies India offers the students 45 courses in thirteen subjects and topics. Especially, the advanced diploma courses help the students to acquire a researched knowledge of their chosen topics/subjects to seek a better career option. The institute is a leading training institute to provide its students with the top-quality advanced diploma course in Mumbai.

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) offers advanced diploma programs advance Diploma in Hospitality Management, Tax consultancy, Project Management, Operations management, Total Quality Management, Textile Management, Hotel Management, Fashion Management, Production Management, Industrial Management, Banking, Finance & Insurance, Business Management, Finance Management, Foreign Trade, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Materials Management, Retail Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics Management, Brand Management, Risk and Safety Management, Biotechnology Management, Food & Nutrition Management, Purchase Management, Store Management, Interior Design Management, Construction Management, Diploma in Education, Clinical Management, Customer Relationship Management, Corporate Law, Shipping Management, Mass Communication Management, Aviation and Hospitality management, Packaging Management

Teachers in the national institute teach and guide its students at each step of their diploma courses to get into the depth of the topics. The institute provides the advanced diploma students with books and relevant course materials. Not only that, but the organization also offers worthy candidates placement cells in reputed farms. It is an enriching experience for the students to complete their advanced diploma courses from NIMR.

Why Study Advanced Diploma Course in Mumbai from NIMR?

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies is the best institution in Mumbai to complete an advanced diploma program in any of the mentioned subject streams. Before that, you must know why pursuing a diploma course from NIMR is necessary for one.

  • All the industries demand highly skilled and responsible professionals to generate an overall improvement on the commercial level. Future employees need to have sharp eyes on small details and be aware of the changing market scenario to overcome challenges. The advanced diploma course emphasizes upgrading the skills of the students.
  • The courses enable the students to enjoy a flourishing career and deal with different levels of responsibilities.
  • The students of NIMR are adept at foreseeing and solving difficulties and unwanted situations.
  • An advanced diploma courses imparts the best-quality education about the subject matter and prepares the students to serve the best in their professional ground. The national institute itself takes care of the job opportunities to help the students secure their future.

Future Scopes of Advanced Diploma Education Course

The subjects allocated for the advanced diploma course are in high demand in the professional sectors in the current and upcoming market scenario. Postgraduate diplomas and advanced diploma certificates are similar to master’s course, except these courses are small and concise. Unlike master's program, advanced diploma programs do not ask for dissertation.

NIMR offers its students the best course material. Students with diploma certifications from this institute can apply for their dream job roles in the respective sectors.

The diploma course curriculum at this institute prepares the students with practical lessons and real-world experiences. Students with these certifications are set to deal with the challenges associated with their future job roles. The upcoming market scenario demands for the employees who are adept in handling their job roles and responsibilities flawlessly.

Advanced Diploma Course Highlights

An advanced diploma course at NIMR teaches and trains the students with all needed information concerning their job roles. The courses offer the best learning opportunities to the students. The students with advanced diploma course certification from NIMR hold a distinct reputation as job candidates.

What are the Criteria and Course Pattern of Advanced Diploma Course in Mumbai at NIMR?

Advanced diploma courses need the students to complete their 10+2 or equivalent to take admission for the same. The diploma courses are apt for students who intend to pursue their careers in the respective professional sector.

The institution conducts the courses in two ways. One is the fast track method that completes a diploma program in 3 months, and the other one is the regular one which takes one year. The students can select one of them either according to their convenience. The eligibility criteria and course pattern indicate only how easier and flexible it is to apply for the advanced diploma course in NIMR.

Advanced Diploma Program: Course Fees

NIMR offer advanced diploma course to its national and international students. Therefore, the advanced diploma course fees are different for both Indian and foreign country students. Here’re the diploma program fees as follow;

For Indian Nationals (with Book): INR 40,000 + 18% GST Applicable

For Foreign Nationals (With Book): USD 800 + 18% GST Applicable

Advanced Diploma Course Details

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National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) is the best institute in Mumbai for BBA/MBA in Aviation Management, BBA/MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Clinical Research, Healthcare Management, and Food and Nutrition course. We have the best teachers who have many years of teaching experience in their field. NIMR helps you get an education loan depending upon the policy and the requirements of the students and 100% Placement Assured in top-level industries once you complete the course at our campus.


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