MSc in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance

MSc in Clinical Research Course in Mumbai, India

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MSc in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance in Mumbai

About M.Sc Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance Course

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) is one of the best M.Sc. in Clinical Research colleges in the Mumbai location. We offer this course to the candidates that allows them to understand the concepts of clinical research and experience a hands-on approach to the subject. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has affected world health organizations, clinical research and its scopes have continuously grown over the years. At NIMR India, we allow our candidates to pursue their passion and innovate the prospects of the field while satisfying their intellect.

Clinical research is an arbitrary branch of Medical Sciences and is related to the effectiveness of medication through testing, diagnostics, product quality, and medical device development. NIMR India is one of the best institutes for Clinical Research and provides a neat study curriculum for the course.

These studies aid in the improvements of treatment processes and increases the efficiency of healing in humans. The techniques and equipment tested and developed in Clinical Research are used for several medicinal purposes like disease treatment, disease prevention, and diagnosis & relief of diseased patients.

In other words, M.Sc. in clinical research and Pharmacovigilance refers to a comprehensive study and understanding of human biology and how drugs, medication, and treatment affect it in times of sickness.

M.Sc. in Clinical Research - Scopes and Career Prospects

Clinical research is a fast-growing industry making the M.Sc in Clinical Research Courses in Mumbai very valuable for students. Besides the global market is growing over the years, more and more candidates are taking interest in the prospects of the scope and studying to help develop better treatment methods.

Having a high market value, the course has opened up several job scopes for post-graduate candidates with an average yearly salary scale of INR 3-5 LPA. while most careers in M.Sc. in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance are private, students can establish themselves in hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, research organizations, educational institutes, and much more.

After completing the Master in Clinical research course, candidates can choose to work in the following designations:

  • Clinical research analysts
  • Clinical research project manager
  • Clinical research professionals
  • Clinical research project coordinator
  • Research physicians

These several designations allow the candidates to present new research possibilities for advancements in medical sciences, provide better treatment methods in biotechnological advances and pharmaceuticals, research and development of biological elements, and much more.

M.Sc. in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance

M.Sc. program in Clinical Research and pharmacovigilance is a 2-year full-time postgraduate course that is designed for students who have a growing interest in medical studies. Students can also contribute to the development of medical science and better treatment techniques.

The master in clinical research course in Mumbai offers by the National Institute of Management and Research Studies (NIMR) India, which not only cultivate medical studies but also provide assistance to several branches of medical science and medical products. To pursue M.Sc. in clinical research and pharmacovigilance courses, candidates need to complete any B.Sc, B.Pharmacy, or any other bachelor course that is related to the field. The courses may include microbiology, biotechnology, botany, zoology, toxicology, pharmacology, biochemistry, and others.

The admission of a candidate in NIMR is processed through entrance examinations. Upon completing the course, students can pursue job careers in several private and government sectors as Research analysts, project managers, research coordinators, and much more.

One of the educational prospects of an M.Sc. in Clinical research is to pursue Ph.D. in Clinical research. As the entire course and structure of the subject are based on research and application, applying for Ph.D. offers candidates the opportunity to have a better practical experience in the subject.

Educational Objectives of M.Sc in Clinical Research

Here are the objectives of NIMR for all the M.Sc. in Clinical Research candidates:

  • The candidates of the course are skilled enough to provide enough assistance to any research facility for the improvements of medical researches.
  • The candidates are expected to develop exceptional skills in managing all clinical trials in all multi-disciplinary facilities.
  • The candidates can follow all protocol and procedures to ensure good clinical professionalism during all research project management and data management.
  • The candidates can consistently develop and improve academically, professionally, and technically to become better in the field of clinical research and healthcare management.
  • Clinical research candidates have experience and training in working with all the latest and advanced studies used in the research. They are equipped with the latest information to efficiently complete a research project.

Why You Choose "NIMR India" for M.Sc in Clinical Research Course?

The National Institute of Management and Research Studies offers a well-structured curriculum for M.Sc. in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance course. We provide a range of extensive course materials which are designed by qualified and renowned faculty members from clinical and academic research backgrounds.

We believe in healthy learning from practical experiences which allows us to provide our students with the opportunity to involve themselves in several projects, research-based activities, and interdisciplinary competitions which are based on learning and knowledge exchange.

NIMR is a pioneer institute for M.Sc in Clinical research course and also provides a state-of-the-art facility for our researchers and students. These facilities and laboratories provide them with the equipment and set-up for exceptional computing for all clinical studies. We also offer our candidates the opportunity for internships at several renowned organizations and research facilities in the industry.

M.Sc In Clinical Research Course - Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for M.Sc in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance is as follows:

  • The candidates need to have completed a Bachelor’s degree in either of the following fields: Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Zoology, Nursing, Pharmacist, Physiotherapy, Medical Science (MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, BUMS)
  • The candidate should complete their graduation from a recognized college with a minimum of 55% aggregate.

Clinical Research Courses Fees

M.Sc in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance costs around Rs. 2.5 lakhs per year amounting to Rs. 5 lakhs for the entire two-year course.

MSc in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance Course Details

The syllabus for M.Sc. in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance includes the basics of human anatomy, physical structures, advanced understanding of clinical research, types of clinical developments, regulations, trail procedures, and more.

MSc in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance Syllabus Details
1st Year
Semester I Semester II
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Introduction to Clinical Research 1 Pharma Regulatory Affairs
2 Guidelines, Regulations and Ethics in Clinical Research 2 Clinical Trial Management
3 Site Management Organization 3 Good Manufacturing Practices
4 Perspective in Clinical Evaluation 4 Clinical Data Management
5 On Job Training 5 Dissertation - Work on Ethics Committee
6 Minor project work - Viva 6 Project Work - Live project at CRO / Site
2nd Year
Semester III Semester IV
Sr. No Subject Name Sr. No Subject Name
1 Pharmacovigilance 1 Pre Clinical Evaluation
2 Biostatistics 2 Medical Writing
3 Molecular Mechanism of Drug Action 3 Bio-Availability Bio-Equivalence Studies
4 Statistical Computing and Graphics 4 Dissertation - Work on Regulatory Dossier
5 Internship and Project Submission 5 Project Work & Thesis submission
6 Medical Therapeutic Area 6 Practical: Central Lab

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